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Given below are links from http://www.sharemarketschool.com/ which according to the author Mr. Jins Victor,the main theme  is to discuss the basics of stock investing. He tells us that the stock market is not a topic that can be studied independently, and discussing stocks requires reference to many topics on finance, economics, accounting and taxes. So, to support the main theme, these topics find a place in this list.

Jins Victor is the founder of www.sharemarketschool.com, a website for share market enthusiasts. Through his website, he shares his experiences and knowledge and teaches how to make money from share markets using solid rules.

Financial Discipline for all.

Millions of people  suffer because they fall prey to financial frauds. Despite earning good money;even billioners have committed suicide due to financial problems- The main reason for this is their failure in handling their money in a proper manner. People from all strata of society lack in financial indiscipline.The following links to articles from the Share Market School Website,will detail the basics that one must follow while handling their money so they can remain safe and live with peace of mind. While some of them are concepts, others are practical tips.

Investing Basics

You can get a firm grip on what is investing  from this series of investing lessons found on Share Market School Website. The links to articles in this section will give you solid idea about what investing is all about , where you can invest and the risk involved in investing .
Shares & Stock Markets

The term ‘stock market’ appears in the news every day and this section explains What is a share? What is a stock market? Why do we need a stock market? Where does the stock come from to begin with, and why do people want to buy and sell it? What is a market index? What is Sensex? How is index constructed?
Introducrtion to financial Statements
All the financial jargons used by   analysts on Television and articles in financial magazines and newspapers,  makes it difficult and confusing for you to understand what they are trying to tell. If you already have an understanding about what balance sheet and income statements are, then this tutorial will help you  grasp the whole subject better. Even if you are completely new, you will find that these lessons are written with the stock market investor in mind and will teach you to make investment decision.

Financial Ratios.

An investor interested in stock analysis should be able to calculate financial ratios. These ratios can be got from the company’s profit & loss account and balance sheet that contain all  important information about the particular company. The ratios  help us to understand those details that identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of the company. While assessing ratios, it is important to compare the results with other companies in the same type of industry. What may look like a poor ratio at first glance may  be normal for this type of industry and, what may seem to be a good ratio on could be below average for that industry. This section lists out the formulas and shows the relevance of ratios used in stock valuation.

Stock Investing Atrategies

There is no one way to pick stocks. A stock investing strategy is an application of a theory – to arrive at a “best guess” of how to invest. Sometimes two seemingly opposed theories can be successful at the same time. Just as important as considering theory, to determining how well an investment strategy fits the personal outlook, time frame, risk tolerance of the investor and the amount of time that can be devoted to investing and picking stocks. Having a stock investing strategy is extremely important. This chapter deals with the various stock investing strategies followed by investors.

Valuation of shares

Valuation is knowing the actual worth of a stock. It is a pre-requisite for making smart investments. The following  simple articles  will help a beginner to learn the basic concepts and also some practical methods to pick stocks at reasonable prices. It helps  to decide whether a recommendation given by the broker is valid or not.


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