A/c Opening

As per the latest guideline from SEBI with effect from 1st. August 2016, the Documents required for opening account with Sharekhan

Proof of Identity 

  • PAN CARD with photograph (mandatory)
  • UID card - Aadhaar Card (mandatory)
PAN CARD along with UID card (Aadhaar Card) , a  Margin Cheque drawn in favour of Sharekhan Limited. and your Photograph are the proofs required to serve as your as your ID proof, Address proof and Bank proof for opening your online account with Sharekhan.

Please Note that  Account can be opened ONLY as per the name in your PAN CARD or AADHAAR and MUST match with your Address proof and Bank proof.

3)  Proof for address in case it differs from Aadhaar (any one)
  • Valid Passport (Page containing the date of expiry also to be attached
  • Voters Identity card
  • Valid Driving License (Page containing the date of expiry also to be attached
  • NREGA Job Card
The following documents are also accepted as Proof of Address 
  • Utility bill which is not more than two months old of any service provider (electricity,     telephone, post-paid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill)
  • Property or Municipal Tax receipt.
  • Bank account or Post Office savings bank account statement.
  • Pension or family pension payment orders (PPOs) issued to retired employees by Government Departments or Public Sector Undertakings, if they contain the address.
  • Letter of allotment of accommodation from employer issued by State or Central Government departments, statutory or regulatory bodies, public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions and listed companies. Similarly, lease and license agreements with such employers allotting official accommodation.
  • Documents issued by Government departments of foreign jurisdictions and letter issued by Foreign Embassy or Mission in India.

(4) Photograph – Passport size   

(5) Bank account 

  •   Cheque leaf cancelled
  •   Bank statement / Pass book
The latest 3 months Bank Statement that is downloaded (in case of net banking) may be submitted as a Bank Proof as well as Address Proof. 

Note:- If your name is printed in cheque leaf, then  Bank Statement or Passbook Xerox is NOT required.
 If your name is not printed in cheque leaf then Bank Statement or Passbook  is required
 If  the Bank Statement is computer generated, printed on plain paper, then 
     (i)  Address seal
     (ii) Round seal and signature
     (iii) Bank Manager Signature with Employee code and Phone Number (STD code) is required.

 If the Bank Statement is on paper with Bank LOGO, then Bank round Seal and Signature of the  Banker is required. In Bank passbook, Round seal and signature of the banker is required.

 If  the Account Number or Client Address is hand written 
in the Bank Passbook, then another 
 round seal and banker sign near the modification is needed in place of the Modification or hand  written.

 (6) Nomination (optional)                   

  •  PAN card of nominee is mandatory in case of trading account.
  •  I D proof attested by authorized entity.
  • Photograph of nominee  (Passport size)