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A Mutual fund is nothing more than a collection of stocks, bonds or short-term money market instruments. Mutual fund is a company that brings together a group of people and invest their money in stocks, bonds and other securities. Each investor owns units, which represents a portion of the holding of the fund.

Benefits of investing in a Mutual fund

Professional management: The funds are managed by professional fund managers who have access to market information and tools.
diversification: Mutual funds invest in a broad range of companies and sectors so as to minimise risk by spreading your money over numerous securities.

Goal-based Saving: Helps you build money for your future goals like own home,children's education and marriage and retirement.

Taxation: Mutual funds offer various tax benefits like tax-free returns after one year in equity mutual funds (three years in debt mutual funds), deduction under ELSS and RGESS sections.

Convenience and Flexibility: You enjoy the benefit of a diversified portfolio and can also put mutual fund units n your demat account which makes buying and selling convenient.

Low cost: As a mutual funds buys and sells large amounts of securities at a time, its transaction costs are lower than what an individual would pay for buying and selling securities.

Liquidity: Most funds have open ended schemes where you can buy and redeem the units and get your money back promptly from mutual fund itself.

Transparency: Fund managers provide information about the current value of the investment, with strategy and outlook. Every mutual fund is regulated by SEBI which assures that your investment are managed in  a disciplined and regulated manner.

Systematic Investment Plan

You can benefit even from a volatile market, if you know how. with Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you can reap the benefits of  disciplined investing through the power of compounding. Based on your investing goals you can set your SIPs to invest monthly, weekly or daily.

Regular: You should invest every month.

Power of compounding: Re-investment of income return to constantly grow the principal amount, year after year.

Rupee cost Averaging: An effective mechanism the removes the need to time the market.

Forced saving: Helps you build money for future

Automated: Completely automated process and no hassles of writing cheque  every month.

Light on the Wallet: Make small investments, working toward your financial security.

Benefits of investing in a Mutual fund with Sharekhan

Hassle -free transactions: You can buy / redeem mutual funds online or offline through our online platform www.sharekhan.com or our wide network of share shops across 575 cities respectively.

MF in Demat: Easy purchase / redemption / SIP / Flexi SIP in over 1000 schemesthrough National Stock Exchange; no additional KYC needed for account holders.

ECS facility: To simplify SIP and Flexi SIP investments.

Research reports: Monthly mutual funds reports will be made available online for your benefit.

  • Mutual Gains: Our top mutual fund (debt/equity/SIP) picks will tell you where to invest in the current market.
  • Mutual Fund Finder: It helps you make the right investment decisions for achieving your financial goals. The objective of this product is to give the best selection of mutual funds across categories along with the benefits of SIP and ELSS
Mutual Fund Portfolio: view your mutual funds transactions at a glance. You can also transfer your existing mutual fund portfolio to Sharekhan

Customer Service: Our dedicated customer support team will be there to help you with your requirements.

Margin funding: Loans against mutual fund holdings for client's convenience.

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