Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis I

While value analysis is all about fundementals, technical analysis takes a completely different approach. It is not concerned about the ‘value’ of a company. Here the price movement and volume is the only concern. As many share market analysts combine fundamentals and technicals when they speak, it is important to learn the language of technical analysis.The following articles will help one to be familiar with technical analysis terms.

Technical Analysis II

In the second part of  technical analysis in this series, details of certain technical indicators and oscillators and  how to use them  effectively are explained. There are quite a number of indicators in use today, and their number growing every week. In spite of this only a select few offer a different perspective and worth any attention. It has to be mentioned that the indicators which attract the most attention are those that have been around very long and have stood the test of time.


Ravishankar said...

Technical Analysis do help in share market as the market is completely unpredictable and cannot be understood without previous trends and charts. Hence, to understand the market trend we need to learn technical analysis which is well explained in the post or people can opt for Nifty call by analyst.

Divyanshi Sharma said...

Technical Analysis is very important for market trend and direction.
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